Fall Members Show

October 2019

Greenwich Botanical Center

130 Bible Street, Cos Cob CT

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Winning Artists 

Left to right: Deborah Loeb Bohren, Mike Harris, Marlene Sloan.

Photo Credit: Randy Briggs

Rosemarie Nasr (l) and Andy Rogers (r).  Photo Credit: Randy Briggs

Left to right: Reese Green, Vella Shimura, Elaine Conner, Vivian Berganthal. Photo Credit: Randy Briggs

Deborah Loeb Bohren  Mike Harris  Marlen
Reese Green Vella Shimura Elaine Conner
Back Row Carolyn Gamanos  Sofia Kanavou

Back Row: Carolyn Gamanos, Sofia Kanavou, Barbara Murray (for Henri Lepetit) Front Row: Vivien Ponniah, Grace LeVander.

Photo Credit: Randy Briggs

Winning Art

Photography 1st "Homeland Security" by Elaine Conner. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Photography 2nd by Deborah Loeb Bohren. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Mike Harris Photograpy 3rd Daydreaming

Photography 3rd "Daydreaming" by Mike Harris. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Honorable Mention Photography by Elena Powell Abrahams. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Oil 1st "All of Me" by Vella Shimura. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Oil 2nd "Pages of Infinity" by Reese Anderson Green. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Jacob Francis Forero3rd Oil Autumn in

Oil 3rd "Autumn in Paris" by Jacob Francis Forero. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Oil Honorable Mention "Saint Tropez" by Henri Lepetit. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Andy Rogers 2nd Watercolor Stairway to H

Watercolor 2nd "Stairway to Heaven" by Andy Rogers

Rosmarie Nasr 3rd Watercolor Garden Iris

Watercolor 3rd by Rosemarie Nasr. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Vivien Ponniah 1st Mixed Media Greenwich

Mixed Media 1st "Greenwich Harbor Warmed" by Vivien Ponniah. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Vivian Berganthal Mixed Media 2nd On the

Mixed Media 2nd "On the Sound" by Vivian Berganthal. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Mixed Media 3rd "Seaside Garden" by Suzanne Simpson. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

James Ryan 1st Acrylic Winter Boatyard

Acrylic 1st "Winter Boatyard" by James Ryan. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Grace LeVander 2nd Acrylic Sand Dunes

Acrylic 2nd "Sand Dunes" by Grace LeVander. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Sofia Kanavou 3rd Acrylic Purple Flower.

Acrylic 3rd "Purple Flower" by Sofia Kanavou. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Marlene Sloan 1st Sculpture and Carolyn

Sculpture 1st "Rock Women" by Marlene Sloan and Watercolor 1st "Hecksher Barn" by Carolyn Gamanos. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Susan McHale 2nd place Sculpture Midnigh

Sculpture 2nd 'Midnight Owl" by Susan McHale. Photo Credit: Elaine Conner

Displays and Reception

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Greenwich Botanical Center Board President Meg McAuley Kaicher at Fall Show Reception

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Fall Show Display. Photo Credit: Tyler Sizemore, Hearst Media

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Watercolor Display

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Greenwich Botanical Center Board President Meg McAuley Kaicher at Fall Show Reception

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Greenwich Time article - Click here



Cynthia Roznoy, Curator of the Mattatuck Museum, has organized more than thirty exhibitions of American Art and history and written essays for the catalogues that accompanied them. 

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