Who We Are                                                                          

A Community of Artists and Patrons

With an ever-growing membership of painters, digital artists, sculptors and photographers, the Art Society of Old Greenwich is one of the oldest in Connecticut.  Robert Wesley Amick, a noted illustrator working in New York City and known for western landscapes, retired in the Greenwich area.  In 1927, Amick gathered painting professionals and community artists into a friendly organization which came to be known as the Art Society of Old Greenwich. 


Open to all artists working in any medium.


Membership includes:

Two juried shows

Five Exhibitions

Three Lecture/Demonstrations

and more! 

Show Entires

Each show is judged or juried by respected, prominent artists.

Past Jurors include:

Robert Pillsbury, 

Pres. Salmagundi Club, NYC

Serge Hollerback NA , AWS

Irving Greenberg AWS

Daniel Green NA

Morton Kaish NA

Harvey Dinnerstein NA

George Segalman

Burton Silverman NA 

Ray Kinstler NA, AWS

National Academy of Design (NA)

American Watercolor Society (AWS)


Ribbons and prize money are awarded at most events.

ASOG currently takes no commission on sales.

Board of Directors

Elaine Conner, Co-President

Julie DiBiase.  Co-President

Mike Miller, Treasurer

Ann Abenavoli, Secretray

Carol Nipomnich Dixon

Mary Fike

Reese Green

Rosmary Nasr

Mariya Rivera

Suzanne Simpson

F. E. Smurlo

Barbara Stretton

Carol Zahn